Refrigerator Pickup Service for Katy, TX

Refrigerators are essential home appliances. They make life much easier. However, moving them is no easy task, and it can even be dangerous if not done the right way. If you need to move a refrigerator, contact Appliance Moving for our refrigerator pickup and drop-off services for the Katy, TX, area.

Comprehensive Moving Services

We can pick up your refrigerator from anywhere and take it where it needs to go. You can take advantage of our services when you buy a new fridge and need to transport it to your home. We also are happy to collect old or broken-down refrigerators from your home and dispose of them safely.

Finally, if you are going to move soon, let us handle the big appliances in your home. We are more than capable and willing to move your refrigerator as well as other large appliances, such as a dishwasher, washer and dryer, and oven.

Quality Work

When you rely on our refrigerator pickup service, you can save yourself time as well as the risk of injury or damage to your appliance. We are there for you to make your life a little easier.

Contact us today at (832) 208-7486 to learn more about our services for Katy, TX.